Founding Member


▶ Founding Member will be credited for the role in establishing the network
▶ Acknowledgement as founding member in all IBDN
       • Events & fora
       • Communication channels
       • Social Media
       • Any other initiative planned under IBDN
▶ Invitation to senior representation to be a member of Advisory Board of IBDN
▶ Invitation in shaping the Indian Business and Disability Network
▶ Engagement of the representative from the organization in various initiatives
   of IBDN
▶ Opportunity for advocacy on policy matters in creating an enabling
   environment for companies to practice inclusion
▶ Opportunities to network, facilitate partnership & linkages with other
▶ Participation in events & initiatives being undertaken as part of IBDN
▶ Opportunity to source and exchange knowledge & information through IBDN
▶ Opportunity to impact the Disability ecosystem at national level &
   at individual level

Founding Membership Contribution: INR 10 Lakh (Benefit Applicable for 3 years)


Founding Members